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Song Of The Americas, Soprano and Classical Guitar

Songs of the Americas

coloratura soprano and classical guitar


Contained within the borders of North, Central and South America is a rich tradition of storytelling through song. In these songs we tell of love and life through intimate, poignant and sometimes humorous tales.


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Folk songs are a tradition that can remind us of the beauty that surrounds us, the exoticism of spirit-filled nature; “I’m the girl in the woods, a girl of strange moods – spirits possess me…”, the warmth of a mother singing to her child, or of a better path to follow; “T’is a gift to be simple, t’is a gift to be free…”.

Folk songs touch our past and inspire our future.

Borrowing from the deep tradition of song, which rings throughout these Continents, Songs of the Americas highlights rarely heard, and world-premiere performances of works by living composers of the Americas.

Songs of the Americas is a blend of classically arranged folk music from Puerto Rico to Brazil, from the Civil War era Appalachian Mountains to 20th century California.

(Featuring composers Lou Harrison, Ernesto Cordero, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Frantz Casseus and Morten Lauridsen.)

Haitianesques by Frantz Casséus
1. Fi' Nan Bois 4:37
2. Cé Grand Matin 2:20
3. Assotô 1:27
4. Jahla guitar solo by Lou Harrison 1:44

Canciones de Puerto Rico by Ernesto Cordero
5. El Viaje Definitivo 3:54
6. Cadencia 3:04
7. Madrugada 1:55
8. Cállate Silencio Mio 1:10

Two Pieces by Dusan Bogdanovic
9. Mysterious Habitats guitar solo 3:14
10. Meciendo 3:18

Obras do Brasil by Heitor Villa-Lobos
11. Prelude No. 3 guitar solo 2:48
12. Bachianas Brasilieras No. 5 5:47
13. Prelude No. 1 guitar solo 4:08

North American Folk Songs (arr. Kent Sidon)
14. T'is a Gift to Be Simple 1:38
15. Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens 4:18
16. The Water is Wide 2:39
17. Dirait-On by Morten Lauridsen 4:29


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